30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas  - Read This First (2023)

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30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (2)

Natasa Vukmirovic

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About Gangster Tattoo Fonts

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (3)

Gangster tattoo fonts are characterized by sharp and solid outlines and are a reflection of either your creativity, emotions, or personal aesthetic.

They were popularized in the ‘90s and were extremely important in both the biker as well as hip hop culture.

The best gangster tattoo font designs are the ones you choose yourself to express a side of you that you love. In this guide, we’ll outline several tattoo styles for you to consider, explain where you can place them, and help you pick the right design for you.

What Do Gangster Tattoo Fonts Mean And Symbolize?

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (4)

Lettering tattoos can be very personal because the font or words themselves add a layer of meaning to your tattoo.

The meaning can also change depending on whether or not you want to add in any other design elements with your letters, like images or other symbols.

Your gangster tattoo fonts can be an awesome way to document a personal message, engrave the name of your loved one, or have a record of an important number or date.

Of course, the gangster tattoo font’s meaning will vary depending on the phrase you get tattooed on your skin. Your gangster tattoo fonts can also be a symbol and reflection of your personal style and preferred aesthetic.

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Where To Get Gangster Tattoo Fonts

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (5)

Considering the size of your gangster tattoo fonts will help you immensely when you’re trying to decide where to place your tattoo. For example, if you have a long quote, you would need to place it somewhere on your body where there’s enough room for it.

Alternatively, for initials or numbers, you don’t have to be as concerned, since their small size usually allows your tattoo artist to ink them pretty much anywhere.

Gangster tattoo font designs usually look best in areas that will allow the tattoo artist to work with more space. With that in mind, our picks for the best places to get gangster tattoo fonts are:

  • Forearm
  • Hand
  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Back


Large gangster tattoo fonts can look great on your forearm. Since your forearm can accommodate both complex and subtle gangster tattoo font designs, this spot works pretty well. Having a cohesive piece tattooed on your arm can also turn into a full sleeve if you ever feel like adding more tattoos.

Back of the hand

The back of your hand is another great spot for your gangster tattoo font design because of how amazing it looks.

With that said, your hands have uneven surfaces with delicate skin and lots of nerve endings, which might make tattooing your gangster tattoo fonts a bit more difficult, but an experienced tattoo artist would know how to properly do it.


Due to the large surface area, the middle and lower stomach allows you to try out more elaborate gangster tattoo fonts ideas. Here’s another bonus: the stomach area isn’t as painful to tattoo, although it might get a bit ticklish.

Some designs work better on the ribcage or the side of the stomach, in which case it might just be a bit more unpleasant.


Gangster fonts tattooed on your chest are pretty badass. The tattoo can outline your collarbone and chest area quite well.

Keep in mind that you might feel a bit of pain and discomfort when getting your gangster tattoo fonts inked on the center of the chest or your sternum.


Full-back tattoos are truly a work of art. They stand out because of their size and the level of detail it takes to create full-back gangster tattoo fonts. Keep in mind that the love handle area as well as your upper back towards the neck might be more sensitive.

How Much Do Gangster Font Tattoos Cost?

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (6)

The cost of a gangster font tattoo will depend on the length of the phrase you want to get on your skin as well as your tattoo artist’s skill level and hourly rate.

You can expect the average rate to be in the $40 to $100 range. Plus, some artists might charge up to $180 per hour depending on the detail of the tattoo (the more detailed ones cost more).

Other factors that determine the cost are the stencil that the artist creates as well as their labor and materials.

Most lettering tattoos take about one to two hours to complete, so budgeting for at least two hours of tattooing will help you decide how much you’re able to spend.

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If you opt for larger gangster tattoo fonts, your tattoo artist might spend more hours completing the design.

Most artists don’t charge on a per letter basis, but some might. Getting one short word tattoo that covers two to four square inches of your skin ranges from $50 to $200.

Plus, it usually takes an hour of work or less, all depending on the size of your gangster font tattoo design.

30 Best Gangster Fonts Tattoo Designs

Gangster tattoo fonts can be done in full color, but the more common designs come in black and grey.

Our picks for best gangster fonts tattoo designs include styles that feature both color and black and grey. The particular styles of the tattoos that we’ll be looking at are:

  • Old School
  • Cursive
  • New Tribal

#1: Old School

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (7)

Old School gangster tattoo fonts are distinguished by their fine details. The reason for this is the fact that Old School tattoos are highly saturated and feature designs that are relatively simple.

Instead of using multiple shades to produce a sense of dimension, tattoo artists focus on creating a 2D image.

Bold black outlines come with big blocks of saturated colors, while shading is minimal and applied only in certain areas. The tattoo artist who works in this style will pay careful attention to detail to create precise designs.

#2: Cursive

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (8)

Your cursive gangster font tattoo can look great on every part of the body we’ve mentioned so far. It could be featured alongside other images as well. When images are involved, your cursive gangster tattoo fonts can stand out, especially on your forearm or chest.

Block letters are one of the most common styles of cursive gangster lettering many artists use to tattoo. This style is also pretty classic and timeless.

#3: New Tribal

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (9)

To create a new tribal font tattoo, your tattoo artist will use curved and pointed lines to produce shapes and designs you’d like to see illustrated on your body.

This style of tattooing was quite popular in the ‘90s and it’s a great choice for a full-back or mid-stomach tattoo.

A new tribal gangster font tattoo combines elements from a couple of independent traditions, and many tattoo artists that work in this style like to experiment with new patterns and shapes.

Also, your new tribal tattoo can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like it to be.


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (10)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (11)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (12)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (13)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (14)
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30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (15)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (16)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (17)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (18)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (19)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (20)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (21)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (22)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (23)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (24)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (25)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (26)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (27)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (28)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (29)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (30)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (31)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (32)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (33)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (34)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (35)


30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (36)
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History Of Gangster Fonts Tattoos

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (37)

As we’ve mentioned, gangster font tattoos were particularly popular in the ‘90s. The original gangster tattoo fonts could be seen on the hip-hop scene as well as in biker culture.

These tattoos featured designs that were simultaneously bold and soft. They also included elaborate lines and tails.

While they may seem simple, the spacing, filigree, and little details of gangster fonts tattoo designs have always been the reason why they appealed to a much wider audience over the years.

People have used these tattoo designs to honor a loved one or simply to express love since the first ‘I heart mom’ tattoo design emerged.

This style of lettering tattoos is still very much a popular way to show love and appreciation for significant people, dates, and memories.

The lettering tattoos date back to the ancient peoples of the Greek, Roman, and Arabic cultures.

Today, in some cultures, the gangster tattoo fonts are quite popular among those who like to have Bible verses tattooed on their bodies as a way to express their devotion and spirituality.

Which Celebrities Have A Gangster Fonts Tattoo?

30 Best Gangster Tattoo Fonts Ideas - Read This First (38)

Since gangster tattoo fonts are fairly popular, many celebrities have been spotted with these tattoo designs, including:

  • Ruby Rose
  • Hayley Williams
  • Florence Welch

Ruby Rose

Actress and model, Ruby Rose has a large quote tattooed on her back with gangster tattoo fonts. Her tattoo says, ‘Nothing takes away the past like the future.’

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams, the lead singer of Paramore, got her ex-husband’s initials tattooed on her body. Her gangster font tattoo spells CEG which is short for Chad Everett Gilbert. The tattoo is located on her left hand, with one letter inked on each finger.

Florence Welch

Florence and the Machine’s lead vocalist, Florence Welch, has her gangster fonts tattoo on her left forearm. The tattoo says “Sad Sack” and it’s in honor of her friend nicknamed Sad Sack. The tattoo also includes a bird and a heart.

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What is the most popular tattoo font? ›

Some of the most popular fonts include letters in cursive, sans serif, and gothic styles. Each of these fonts has its own unique meaning and symbolism. For example, letters in cursive for tattoos are often used for tattoos that represent names or words that are important to the person getting the tattoo.

What is the prettiest tattoo font? ›

Best Tattoo Fonts For Names
  1. Black Valentine. A vintage tattoo font, like a Blackletter typeface, would work well with name designs. ...
  2. Gloria Typeface. ...
  3. Karmila Script. ...
  4. NOIR et Blanc Stylish Serif. ...
  5. Mataö – Elegance Font Serif.
Feb 16, 2022

What is the best font for Bible verse tattoos? ›

Serif fonts also work well with blocks of text, so if you have a passage from the Bible, from a book, or a verse of song lyrics that you want to get for your tattoo, this could be the perfect fit for that script.

What are the top 5 font styles? ›

12 of the Most Popular Fonts in Graphic Design
  • Helvetica.
  • Garamond.
  • Futura.
  • Bodoni.
  • Arial.
  • Times New Roman.
  • Verdana.
  • Rockwell.
Jul 28, 2022

What is the most perfect font? ›

The 10 best fonts
  • Akzidenz-Grotesk. Probably the best typeface ever designed. ...
  • New Baskerville. Probably the best serif typeface ever designed. ...
  • DIN 1451. ...
  • Franklin Gothic. ...
  • HTF Didot. ...
  • Gotham. ...
  • Knockout. ...
  • Gill Shadow.
Sep 14, 2013

What font catches the eye the most? ›

Stick with sans-serif fonts - As mentioned earlier, fonts without serifs, such as Arial, are much easier on the eyes. Increase browser display size - With the increase in wide-screen computer displays, websites are often shown as a column with empty margins.

What is the classic tattoo font? ›

There are many popular fonts used in traditional tattooing, including classic serif fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond, and more modern sans serif fonts like Arial and Helvetica.

What is the most biblical font? ›

Cardo is a large Unicode font specifically designed for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and linguists.

Which verse in the Bible forbids tattoos? ›

But in the ancient Middle East, the writers of the Hebrew Bible forbade tattooing. Per Leviticus 19:28, “You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves.” Historically, scholars have often understood this as a warning against pagan practices of mourning.

Do text tattoos age well? ›

Tattoos can start to fade over time with the lettering appearing less vibrant and more blurry and the colours fading in colourful tattoos. There are things that you can do, however, to slow down this aging process to help your tattoos remain fresh-looking for longer.

How do I know what font I need? ›

Yes, WhatTheFont is a simple and easy font finder that can help you identify fonts. Just upload an image of the font you need identified, and the tool will do the job for you. WhatTheFont works by searching through its database and comparing its fonts to the one in your image.

What color is best for text tattoos? ›

Things like small, detailed tattoos and scripts are better when executed in black and gray. Choosing black or gray for these tattoos will make sure they are readable and are less likely to bleed into a messy blob of ink.

Which are the basic 3 font styles? ›

In CSS (and in typography in general) there are five basic types, or families, of fonts: serif, sans serif, cursive, fantasy, and monospace.

What are 3 modern fonts? ›

Popular modern fonts like Bodoni, Helvetica, Avenir, and Futura all represent a different take on a modern typeface throughout the decades. They're used (and loved) by brands all over the world and pre-installed on most computers today.

What are the 4 main fonts? ›

Learning about the four main font categories—Serif, Sans Serif, Display, and Script—is an excellent place to start. Let's review the basics about each font type and some examples of brands that use them.

What is the most serious font? ›


Many world-renowned companies use logos that are based on Helvetica—this is probably the most professional font of all times. Mike Parker, typographer, type designer, consultant, and historian was the creator of Helvetica font as we know it today.

What is a fancy font? ›

Fancy typefaces are font families that bring a more creative and artistic design to a piece. These fonts break the mold. They're designed to make a big impression, a statement, and showcase imagination. Because the definition of a fancy font is so subjective, they can come in so many different styles and designs.

What is the best font for love? ›

Kanaya is the best romantic font for love letters. This lovely typeface has a very beautiful alternate characters because it has a modern, elegant, and luxurious swash in each lowercase character.

What font looks like scary? ›

The Sonnyfive Typeface

The epitome of '80s horror comes to mind when this bold font in all caps is used with color, especially the color red! Scary fonts beware of this front-runner with its brush strokes and horror touch added to any movie poster.

What font is happier than ever? ›

The font used for the album title is called Coronet Bold, designed by Robert Hunter Middleton in 1937. On the back cover, the track list is set in Ascender Serif Italic, which was designed by Steve Matteson.

What is the best font for street signs? ›

Generally, the best fonts to use for all outdoor messaging are sans serif fonts like Arial, Calibri, Futura, Garamond, Helvetica, Tahoma, Trajan and Verdana. And the font weight shouldn't be too light either; thin letters are harder to see from a distance.

What fonts can everyone see? ›

Emails have a list of fonts that are considered to be safe to use. This means that by using them, all your subscribers will see your text the same way.
The most popular safe fonts for emails are:
  • Arial.
  • Courier.
  • Courier New.
  • Georgia.
  • Helvetica.
  • Helvetica Neue.
  • Lucida.
  • Tahoma.
Nov 30, 2022

What is one of the fonts to avoid? ›

Courier New

While it has its place in the world, especially for use in film scripts, its poorly measured lettering make Courier the scourge of designers the world over, making it a font to be avoided wherever possible.

What logo is most common as tattoo? ›

1: Disney (474,458 posts) In a surprise to no one, Disney tops the list of most tattooed brands.

What font is Megan Fox tattoo? ›

She has it engraved in a fancy Victorian Gothic font on the upper back, over her right shoulder. The quote is slightly altered and roughly taken from Shakespeare's play, King Lear. This line portrays Megan's attitude towards life. She is often seen flaunting this tattoo at red carpets and events.

What is the most ink saving font? ›

The top five fonts according to Printer.com for low ink usage are Century Gothic, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdani, and Arial.


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